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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

about our e-mail subscriptions

Why do I have to click each one? I just want to know what's going on!
Due to ever-tightening regulations against spam, it is very important that you have the opportunity to select which e-mails you want to receive. We are not allowed to sign you up for everything unless you specifically make that choice yourself. Our church has various ministries and activities. While they are all worthwhile, not all of the information being sent out needs to go to everyone. If you don't have children, you may not want to see e-mails about children's activities. So each ministry has its own updates, and you are welcome to subscribe to as many of them or as few of them as you wish. If you are looking for the monthly church newsletter (The Beacon), click the item at the top that says, "Our monthly newsletter, like the paper one you get by mail." You might also consider letting the church office know you would like to discontinue your paper copy, to save printing and postage costs.

How do I unsubscribe later?
We try to make it as easy as possible. If you decide you no longer wish to receive any or all of these e-mails, simply return to our "Updates" webpage, check the updates you no longer wish to receive, select "unsubscribe me!" and click submit. There's no delay or processing time. You are automatically unsubscribed right then. If you keep getting e-mails and think something didn't work right, just call the church office and ask for help unsubscribing. Free feel to subscribe and unsubscribe as often as you like.

How much e-mail should I expect?
The amount of e-mail you will receive from signing up for Mount Moriah News and updates varies greatly. The Beacon is our churchwide newsletter and is currently published one time a month. You will not receive the newsletter in your inbox, but a link to the newsletter on our website. This saves space in your inbox, since our newsletter can be quite large at times. Our news, praise, and prayer request mailing list usually consists of brief e-mails updating us to upcoming events. They are usually very brief messages, but can vary in frequency from no messages all week, to several messages a day. Our ministry updates (Youth, Children, Music, WMU, Brotherhood) are usually sent out no more than one time a week, and sometimes not that often. Remember, you select which updates you wish to receive, and you can unsubscribe from any of them at any time.

What is the privacy policy? (or, will my e-mail address be given away or sold?)
Your e-mail address will be used to send you the specific e-mail updates and newsletters to which you are subscribing. If you include your e-mail address when you register for an event, the e-mail address may be used to contact you about that event or other related events. (For example, if you sign your children up for VBS, we might e-mail you to make sure you also know about Children's weekend.) Your information will never be released to any organization or individual outside our church community.